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Ok...I have EFI in my ECM...DSP5 Switch, typically run my truck in position 3 (towing), as that seems to provide the best mpg's. Other than a TransGo Jr in the Ally, no other Engine Mods. Orig injectors, cp3, rails etc. FASS 150 - I did HG's back in 2015 and have a PCV R-route...

I also pull a 12,500 lb Citation Supreme...she's a heavy beast and given we do drive very Mountainous Hi-Ways (Alberta-BC, Canada), I would like a little bit better set up than just depending on the std trailer n truck brakes.

What do I need to have/do in order for this to work...or would I just use the "wire to piin 53 on C2 and another to Gnd DIY"..? I kinda like the idea of having a separate Switch and a light acknowledging its on..?

But I honestly don't know whats best.

Educate me pls.
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