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I have a new 2006 LLY 2500 4-door Silverado with the Allison Transmission. It now has 7K miles on it. The engine has developed a severe vibration and it sounds like it's missing. It only happens when the engine from a cold start and driven for about 3-4 miles. As the temperature gauge goes through 170-180 degrees it happens. It lasts for 15-20 seconds and then goes away. It runs normally thereafter. If I park the truck and let it cool down, under 170-180 and start driving again, it happens again. If stopped and driven again before cooling down, it's normal.

The engine doesn't throw any codes. A scan with a Tech2 while driving doesn't show anything unusual.

The vehicle is completely stock: exhaust, air intake, stock ecm program. Bone stock.

Has anyone seen this problem?
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