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EFILive LBZ Public Beta Here

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This release is a Public Beta version, as such it previews features that will be included in the next Full Public Release of our software. This version has not completed final testing and may contain a number of bugs and/or operational quirks. Our next Full Public Release is scheduled for late January 2007.

Installation instructions and feature list can be found here.

Update cal files (Jan 13) can be downloaded from here.

Firmware update:
Everyone setting up LBZ for the first time will need to update firmware.
This is the process:
1) Unplug the RJ45 (OBDII) connection and the USB connector from the V2 interface.
2) With the USB cable connected to your laptop, hold down the CTRL key on the V2 interface while you plug in the USB cable to the V2 interface. You should notice that some of the LEDs on the V2 now toggle side to side.
3) Now open the Firmware Utility
4) In the 'Update FlashScan V2:' section of the program click on the '...' button to locate the firmware file
5) Once you have located the file (above step) click on the 'Program' button. Sometimes the numbers do not go all the way - this is not a problem, it still continues in the background.
6) The FlashScan device will reboot on completion and the update is complete.
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LBZ Cal linking patch - released Jan 25 Download (9K).
You need to unzip the file into the directory -
\Program Files\EFILive\V7\Configuration

Then take note of the PID listed next to each table (see screen shot).
Select that PID in the scantool to get the table linked to the logged data.
As shown in that shot below, you need to be logging SAE.RPM to track the RPM axis.



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