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I recently purchased an 03 Chevy with the LB7. It has EFI Live tuning with DSP 5, the previous owner had no idea what the tunes were besides the obvious lope and high idle tune setting. I intend to use this truck for farm work and farm use only. I have no interest in this tuning and would like it removed. How would I go about at least finding where the stock position is or getting it changed back to ONLY stock tuning?

Can my GM dealer reflash the ECM with whatever was stock for my 2003?

This truck is a 6 speed manual and the DSP 5 switch says: Longhorn Fab Shop on the surround.
Here is some info on the EFI live w/dsp5 setup that may help you : https://download.efilive.com/Tutorials/PDF/Duramax LB7 LLY DSP User Guide.pdf
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