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This might sound like a dumb question but what exactly are the Horsepower ratings with the 1.2 version Juice on an LLY? I have tried about everything you can imagine for an LB7 and LLY. I know what they are for the LB7 on the regular and the hot. We have one that is 120 and one that is 150. The only thing the book says is still the same as the LB7.
Level 1-30
Level 2-50
Level 3-70
Level 4-90
Level 5-120
My point is I have alot of tuners. For example-BD Power Intimidator Numbers are (LB7-170),(LLY-110), Predator(LB7-120),(LLY-100).
PPE(LB7-350), (LLY-240). If the LLY Juice is the same as the LB7 I would be shocked. I would just like an answer.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Michael:help:
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