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2019 Chevy Silverado LTZ Duramax
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I just installed the Insight CTS3 and i am looking for a little more explanation on some of the PIDS that Edge doesn't seem to explain. First one being DPF Stat, what is the pickup actually doing during these readings?

DPF Stat: ON

The other one is the Soot reading. From what i understand it is Grams of soot? According to some of the other threads Regen should happen around 43ish grams of soot. Well based off of the above question i have seen warming and on status with as little as 8g soot. I am very confused. I'm not concerned, just trying to better understand the readings.

Next one, I am curious on where the Intake Air Temp sensor is located as some of the IAT readings are quite surprising to me.

Last thing would be is, what PIDS do others recommend to give you relevant information? Also any other useful PID explinations would be awesome too. Just doing my best to utilize this monitor to its fullest capability.

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I think you're mixing things you read about the pids for the LML with the ones for the L5P.

LML estimated 'grams of soot' using a calculation based on differential pressure across the dpf, They generally regened about 43 gr.
Regen can also start base on miles driven, fuel burned, and maybe others. Not just the soot level.

As I understand it, the L5P uses a 'soot sensor' and produces a % number.
They will regen at/near 100%. They can also regen based on the other factors.

L5P is expected to regen more often than LML, but the regen's shouldn't last as long.

The DPF stat items will be an indication if it is regenerating or not.
I don't have a reader for the PDI's, but 'warming' is either warming before active regen begins, or it is referring to the mode that is maintaining heat when the truck is below the speed for 'active' regen. Maybe it indicates both?

Air temp shown on radio for ambient is a sensor behind the grill.
Ambient sensor for the fuel system is located in the passenger mirror.
I would expect there is also an IAT between intercooler and the heads.

Imho, the pids are fun to watch, but (as least as long as it's unmodified) the truck is already continuously monitors them, and is programmed to react to any that are out of desired range.

Whole different opinion if the powertrain is modified.

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