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2003 GMC 2500HD 2Wd Crewcab LB7
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Had "service brake system" message pop up, parking brake and ABS warning light on and not go away, ABS system not working (brakes would lock up in hard stop). No ignition key switch turn or battery disconnect would clear it. Researched a ton on this site and others for solution. Here was my path to victory:
1. Went to local mechanic with Snap-on scanner, and got code of C0550 - ECU/CCU malfunction
2. From my research and reading technical service bulletins, my options were to reprogram the existing ABS module or replace/program new module. Cleaned the ground to frame and all EBCM/ABS module connections, no fix.
3. Found module repair companies online, no ABS repair module service would fix it, all told me to replace it.
4. Went to 3 dealers, told they can hook truck up to computer, see if reprogramming old ABS module works ($350). If not replace module ($617) then program it ($350). $1300 all in.
5. Found youtube videos of how the take apart ABS module and resolder circuit board. Did that, still not working.
6. Researched more, found conflicting info that a new module may not need programming.
7. Purchased reman ABS module AC DELCO part # 19417940 on Rockauto for $278 plus core. It is part with specific to my truck and RPO (option) codes.
8. Changes ABS module out, all worked perfectly. Codes and warning lights went away, ABS system worked perfectly.

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