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Having driven a number of cars for over 40 years, I have washed and wax just a bit.

It was not until I bought a motorhome about 11 years ago did I know that there was a product that made waxing easy. Found out that there was a product better than Turtle Wax.

Two weeks ago I washed and waxed my 01 Suburban, and my 02 Silverado Dmax, IN 4 HOURS.

The product is called "ProtectAll", and you can buy it at any, or most RV Supply stores, including Camping World.

The instructions say if you leave streaks you are using too much of it. It is virtually wipe on and buff off. NO hard rubbing.

It is also a UV protectant, and makes you tires look like they just came from the factory. I use it on my dash, rubber gaskets, rims, tires, etc.

Love it and wouldn't think of using anything else.

ps: I get at least two years out of a treatment, and I live in CA.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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