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This is the Post from the Colorado Powerstroke club I asked if we could dyno some Duramax's and they were all for it. Here is the link to the topic.


This is the first post with the link to the dyno place's website.

I have set up a dyno day on Saturday, November 8th at 10 am. This time we will be at DynoPro, 5330 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO. 303-455-2443 http://www.dynopro.com/ . I talked to Carl at DynoPro, he is a very nice guy, so if you have any specific questions about their dyno machine, please give him a call. He has promised me that they have tons of experience with the diesel trucks and have no problem getting torque readings.

The cost is $50 for 3-5 pulls. They will run your truck until they are satisfied with the readings and then you can flip your chips to get your different readings.

We need at least 10 trucks to come dyno to get this price (normally they charge $75). I know this is opening day of the 4th season for hunting, but let's try to get as many out there as possible. They seem to be very busy on Saturdays, and this was the first day I could schedule it. This will also give you all time to get any other mods done before dynoing!!!!

This is also very close to the club's first anniversary (November 2, 2002 was our kick off event), so I will try to get some items from International to have a prize give away that day and get some other stuff going! The club has done great thanks to all of you, so let's make this a great day!

Post below if you plan on being there! Even if you won't dyno your truck, shine it up and bring it down. As always, we will have a show-n-shine, so we can all show off our trucks (unless the weather turns messy, then maybe we will have a dirtiest truck competition

See you all there!


Come on guy's let get a decent showing of duramax's

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