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Well I used to have a mileage log but have since stopped,

I have 70+k miles on my 2001 K3500 CC Long Bed. I tow an 11Klb trailer. Very consistent 11-12 MPG towing and a flat 15-15.5 daily driving. Like some people have posted. I got over 18 mpg a couple of times unloaded going 55-60 but who in their right mind drives that darn slow????

I routinely do 75-80mph empty and towing. I am very happy with the towing power and the MPG. I have a friend with a 2002 CC LB Gasser dually, he gets 11mpg daily and 5mpg towing coupled with gas at $2.10 a gal where as diesel fuel is $1.70.

There were a lot of people that said the Duramax option price would not be recoup'd..I beg to differ. 2x+ MPG and 20%+ less price for fuel...

Best Regards
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