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Hey Folks.

Been Lurking here for a while and I'm dying for an 07 lbz crew 4x4...

There's some good deals out there but my problem is I'm so upside down on my Tahoe z71 lease ,about a 5k return, and I just miss the current GMAC pull ahead by 5 days .(worth about 2400? to me) makes all the difference.

I'm told april 3rd a new program will come out and I should qualify.

I just hope there's an 07 crew 4x4 3lt left by then:eyecrazy:

Anyway sorry to rant with my problems.....this sight is great and I hope to soon become a regular contributor (i.e. pain in the butt newbie poster:D )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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