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So yesterday, I lowered my window and heard this loud clunk.

When I stopped and took a look, I found that the window appeared to have fallen off the regulator and landed in the bottom of the door. It was dark so I could not see much and waited until this morning to see if I could fix it. Note that up until this event, the window had been working fine.. no issues.

After poking around I realized that the two 'fingers' that hold the regulator sled (for lack of a better term) to the rear track had gone missing.. Odd I thought.. then I found them in the bottom of the door. It looked like they had been cleanly cut off.

This was a replacement regulator that I had put in many years ago. It had a lifetime warranty so I took it back to my LAP store and they gladly exchanged it for a new one. Besides having to do the work, I was glad not to have to pay for the replacement. It was/is a Dorman product.

I put everything back together and ran it up and it moved really slowly going up. So I double-checked that everything was tight and in the right place. No issues. I taped the glass up and disconnected the glass from the regulator. The regulator runs up and down without any issues.

I then figured that it was the 'track' that was dragging. Last year about this time, I had done a cleaning and lubrication of the tracks (runners) in the windows and saw a huge improvement. I had used silicone spray last year.

I noted that the window area below the weather strip was really dirty. I thought I would pull the window out and clean it.. it was terribly dirty. Then I figured that if the window was that dirty the track below the weather strip was probably equally as dirty making the window bind up. So I cleaned out the track below the weather strip and re-assembled things. The glass moved so easily I nearly dropped it in the door.

I thought I had licked the problem. Re-assembled once more and tried it. Now it was worse?!?

I removed the regulator and inspected it. Nothing seemed out of place. I did some reading online and decided to give the regulator rails a shot of lithium grease. Ran the regulator up and down, put it back into the door. It ran so nice. Attached the window, and it was still super sluggish going up.

More online reading and I went and got a can of 'dry lube' (PTFE). Applied that to the runners. Nothing. Applied silicone to the runners.. no change.

Several times I disconnected the window from the regulator and moved it up and down by hand with ease. Several times I've run the regulator up and down without the window with no problem.

I even pulled the weather strip off the door, cleaned it, and lubricated both the inside and outside strips. Now the window is a mess, which wouldn't matter to me if it worked properly..

There's still lubricant dripping out the weep holes in the bottom of the door hours later... yeah, I know.. I over-did it..

I'm suspecting that the window + regulator combination somehow binds when it is assembled. I've left the bolts and nuts loose and tried to let the whole assembly 'find it's own'.. but there was no change in the behavior.

I keep feeling like I'm missing the simple and obvious.

Oh the glass is OEM.. in case you were wondering.

So, has anyone out there had this experience and found a solution?

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and reply.
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