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Thinking about changing some things up...upgrades, replacements, new add-ons. I have 94 C-2500. Power locks & windows.

1) No radio or tape deck installed when I bought and none in now. Can a 2-din be fit in the dash above the heat controls?

2) Psgr front door arm rest has broken and I can’t find trim pkg in any JY vehicles for a year now. I am considering new paint so wonder if I can upgrade doors and install some with power mirrors (if an option back then) from other model years in this body style? I’d do without the power mirrors. No matter I need new inner panels. Can you just swap whole panels and door hardware(to deal with handle placement differences)?
3) Anyone ever use any sound proofing materials in doors and floor and roof? What works well? Thinking about inner hood pad and what is right thing to do there. Mine isn’t dangling by threads but has seen better days.

That’s a start. Thx for thoughts.

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Hi Dave,

I used Crutchfield when I installed an aftermarket Alpine in the 'Queen, and it came with the correct install kit at no charge.

Have you looked at LMC? They have a Ton of parts.

Sure can lay soundproofing adhesive panels everywhere you can get it laid down!
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