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We make our own torque converter. What we have done is to find out what fails in the stocker and why, then fixed it
The major problems all trace back to the mounting lug tryings to distort the cover of the converter under load, this causes a few problem. We have changed the front cover so this can nolonger happen and then we have changed the converter efficency. This gives better low RPM performance and reduces transmission heat. Also the stock converter lockup clutch only uses about 35% of the surface area on the clutch so we have changed it to use 100% of the clutch surface. This stops the slipage caused by Hp modifications. We run our test truck at 500 + RwHp for 6 months with no problems and have towed loaded to 28,000 combined with no trouble at all! This truck is used as a daily driver hauling whatever is needed at the time. We supply the C2 clutch assembley with our kit as we have found this to be bad most of the time. Remeber this is not a rebuild kit but a shift enhancer kit. Any other bad parts should be replaced when installing the kit. We have tried to keep the cost down so the more parts we add in the higher the cost, so we felt it best to only include parts that were found to be bad most of the time.

We did the development of this kit with TransGo, it was a joint project between the two companies and we continue to Race the project truck with TransGo. This is the kit Suncoast buys to include in their transmission upgardes. So if you have a good wrench to install it or if your upto it yourself, it will do what your requesting with no problems. You can download the instructions from our Website and see if the task is to big for you or not. If you feel it's to big of a job for you contact us and we can give you some installers up in your neck of the woods.
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