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I'm finding myself with more time than money and really need to tear out my completely rotten on ground deck. Especially now with the time vs money situation I think pavers are going to be the way to go. I have seen some videos and think I got a pretty good handle on the ground prep and compacting.

I'm in Minnesota so I do have to deal with hard freezing and snow and ice.

Questions I have remaining are 3

#1 there is currently a ledger board from the deck pretty much ending at the level where the pavers will be. When we had the siding done a few years ago they installed the proper metal strip n such so I'm kinda thinking we should just leave that in place and come up with a creative way to decorate it and the metal ledge. I do have a chunk of it that is missing from earlier adventures but maybe that will be solved with question #2.

#2 is its about 20" from where this patio will be to the main entrance to the house. I was assuming it would be easy to build a mini retaining wall sort of steps and compact and do pavers or maybe larger stones for the steps? Right now the first steps are about 30' away at the driveway and the last step is from whats left of the deck into the door. Could I just build up more class 5 and make it kinda like it is now with the deck about 14" up then slope down the 14" over 24' to meet the driveway? The whole area is about 350 square feet so I don't think more class 5 will kill me to raise half of it 14". Thats only another 6 or so yards of material so another $150 on the $1500 in materials already planned.

If I did do the build up that would mean material against the ledger board. I think its treated wood but that doesn't seem like the best idea. I wondered about replacing it with ridged foam insulation? That should not rot and would give some flexibility? Or just some metal flashing against the board? Metal flashing against the foam? We have gutters and lots of slope away from the house so water really should not be an issue.

#3 at the end of this patio before the good condition asphalt driveway is a gutter downspout. Right now it just dumps under the deck and we hardly ever notice water running into the grass. Guessing what would be the best plan is to put in one of those drain boxes and a drain pipe running down hill into the nearby woods? How deep below the paver surface should that be? I have a limit as to how deep it could be because right there happens to be where all my utilities come in. Do I get some larger stones to bridge over the drain pipe? So I won't have much compacted material over that area?

Kinda on that last subject is there any concerns about compacting over burried gas and electrical lines?
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