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Difference between universal and outboard oil?

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is it just a detergant thing or what? I ask because universal is generally found it quarts but outboard is easily found in gallons, which would be nice to carry around for mixing my diesel fuel with.
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XLTRod;1567995; said:
I dont know how it afects us useing it as a fuel suplement, but it will ruin a 2 stroke moter if used wrong. You can use non outboard oil in an outboard,but you cant run outboard oil in a 2 stroke motor. Like a chainsaw or lawnmower. Hope this helps. Rod
Recently picked up a gallon of Supertech outboard motor oil from Walmart. It states that it's meets requirements of Outboard motors, chainsaws, weedeaters, 2 stroke mowers and other 2 stroke equip. Can be used in Injection or pre mix systems. It also meets the TCW-3 spec which is the good stuff. Can't remember the exact price but it was a little over $8 a gallon.
guybb3;1568359; said:
My Husqvarna saw seized a ring due to using TCW-3. If you don't believe it; go ahead and use it in your $800 saw. TCW-3 should only be used for liquid cooled applications regardless of what the jug says.

Thanks for the heads up and both of you are correct.:)

I just checked my Stihl chainsaw manual and is says " Use only Stihl two stroke engine oil or equivalent high-quality two stroke engine oil designed for use in air cooled engines. Do not use BIA or TCW rated two stroke oil (for use in water cooled engines). " Now why the hell would the Walmart brand say otherwise? :mad:
I usually buy all my Stihl equip from one dealer. They recommend and sell OPTI-2 so thats what I've been using. Says nothing about the TCW-3 spec. Suppose to be good stuff. Hope so.

Anyway, the Walmart oil should be good to mix with diesel. The TCW-3 is suppose to be the latest spec.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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