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Difference between universal and outboard oil?

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is it just a detergant thing or what? I ask because universal is generally found it quarts but outboard is easily found in gallons, which would be nice to carry around for mixing my diesel fuel with.
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I don't know exactly but I really like Opti-2 oil in my Husqavarna chainsaw and brush cutter/weed eater. Seems to last longer and not gum up the carb better than the other stuff. Smokes less too. I really like the stuff. It was recommended to me by a good small engine shop mechanic owner operator. I'd say thats the best oil to use. The only problem is its a little tougher to find and more $.

My take is the marine grade 2 stroke oil (w) is for water cooled engines where engine runs cooler. Other things to think about is today's outboard engines with high tech injection systems have more stringent demand for premium clean fuel. And emmissions regulations for marine engines is also getting tougher. Right now I think TCW-3 is good for diesel but will do more research.

Here is decent article I skimmed it / read it really fast but seems informative.

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