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Diesel Power; I have a question for you!

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I know that Grand Rapids Michigan is a long way for you, But are you planning on attending? If so, will you have any of the Fuel filter kits?

I have the Racor 660 2 micron and I do not have it installed as of yet. (I had planned on installing it up top in the engine compartment) But now I am contemplating going with your kit instead. and placing it under the truck.

The more I think about the engine mounted system, the more I think it may be a bad idea due to the vibration it will encounter.
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Yes grand rapids is very very very far for me.. unfortunately i won't be able to make it with work. if i take time off, the girlfriend has claimed first dibs. she wants hawaii which i've been promising for some time...

if mac and others attend you'll be able to see the setup. unfortunately UPS'ing my kit is as close as i'll get to there..

hdmax, My engine mounted 660 is still going strong at 10K + miles. There is no data to prove or disprove weather vibration has any effect on filtering quality. The best fuel analysis numbers over on the diesel page were with a frame mounted 660. Later! Frank Edited by: Frank Blum
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