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Had this happen to my truck several months ago. DIC message popped up xxx mile remaining till speed limited. I had just filled my DEF a couple of days before. ECU DEF level ( on my Edge CST display) was reading 100%.
I found the above SB online. Didn't want to go to the dealer and spend 100+ dollars for just a reset. Found a local Diesel shop with a scan tool. Took him 5 mins to reset and only charged me $20.00.
I purchased my truck brand new and I plan on keeping it for a very long time. I do most of the work myself, within reason and capabilities, I decided to get rid of all my previous stage 1 OBD II scanners and readers that I have purchased over the years and consolidate into one tool. I wanted to invest in a profession level stage 2, bi-directional, scan tablet that I can use to trouble shoot, tests, actuate valves, systems and components like the DPF levels sensor resets and heater tests. I have no interest in programming computers and modules ( Stage 3 tools ).
After much research I decided to purchase the Autel MS906TS kit. It has all the functions I was looking for. It can also do some module coding. Plus it has a built-in TPMS antenna so it can read, tests, reset and relearn TPMS senors. You can also replace and program TPMS tire pressure sensors using Autel's universal MX sensor. Since all vehicles have been required to have this system since 9/2007 this will save me time and money of not having to go to the dealer for every TPMS issue. I know there are several other manufactures of scan tablets out there. This is not a review or comparison test. I purchased the Autel because I like the features plus they have a lot of training video on you tube about their tools and how to use them.
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