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Dash Swap from Express/Savana Van?

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Hi - new to this forum - just picked up a 2007.5 Topkick to convert to a 4x4 RV - was extremely happy to discover this forum area and the depth of experience here..

Curious if anyone has attempted a dash swap from a GM full sized van since "in theory" the sheet metal is identical.

Reason being is I hated the soft edged plastic dash/controls style GM used in the 90's and would prefer to update the interior to a more modern feel as we're looking at this build as a long term family member.

Ironically for my feelings on the Topkick interior feeling dated is the Van interiors are largely unchanged from 2004ish to present but I'm sure a lot has changed out of sight.

Idea is to swap in a 2007ish van door cards, dash top and facia, keep the Topkick gauge cluster and steering column.

Major issue would be relocating the gauges (pillar?), center information panel and all the switches.

I'm aware my Topkick doesn't have a body control module/CANBUS, I'm assuming this would have to be from a donor van before they moved the vans to CANBUS and BCM's if anyone knows what year that happened.

The idea of somehow adding a passenger side airbag is appealing as well but that is indeed a whole kettle of fish just by itself.

I'm ok with complex wiring and modifying harnesses is well within my skill set & can design and 3d print gauge / rocker switch bezels / panels inserts etc. if needed so it looks "stock" & not a kludge. .

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So am I nuts or with the right year parts choices could this be pulled off?
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Not familiar with either the van or the Topkick, but have you considered differences in the heater/air conditioner and related ducting? There may be differences in the firewall, and location of various penetrations.
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