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Well, I've continued to mod by little 94 dakota and decided to see how well it would do against my diesel. My brother and I did 3 different quarter mile runs.

First run: Duramax with just the hypertech on level 3 with no 4x4 boosted launch. We both spun and the dakota pulled ahead by about 3 to 4 lengths in the quarter.

Second run: Duramax with just the hypertech on level 3 with a boosted 4x4 launch. The dakota spun, the duramax did not. The diesel beat the dakota by 4+ lengths in the quarter.

Third run: Duramax with hypertech on level 3 and bank bullet set to max level (sport). 2wd non-boosted launch. We both spun and stayed side by side for a bit. The diesel eventually pulled ahead to about a 1 1/2 length lead in the quarter.

I think that from a 10 mph roll the dakota would have a good chance of taking my diesel (at max power level) as the dakota was spinning wildly from a dig. There was no point in doing a boosted launch with the tuners set to max as it would have been ugly.

Here's the mod list on the dakota: 1994 5.2 2wd auto with an extended cab and short bed and an automatic and 3.92 gears with a suregrip rear differential and 17" RT wheels

dual exhaust
larger TB
Mopar computer
Mopar performance intake manifold (M1)
open element K&N
underdrive pulleys
dual electric fans (clutch fan removed)
harland sharp 1.7 roller rockers
The previous best quarter mile ET was a 15.2 but was having tuning problems. It pulls much harder now. It probably runs high 14s at around 92 mph.

My diesel mods are in my sig
It runs 14.3 in full street trim with max tuning and a boosted 4x4 launch.

For those of you who have had close races from a roll....... always do a boosted 4x4 launch, it makes a world of difference.
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