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cranking torsion bars vs. torsion bar keys?

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Have a 02 gmc diesel with a 6 inch rcd lift. The front seems a little lower than rear. Was wondering if a 2 inch torsion bar key lift would be a good idea to level the truck? I took the torsion bar cranking method but driving in 4 wheel drive on ice and snow you can't control the truck on the road it pulls you damn near off the road. Was wondering what that lift does that is different from cranking torsion bars?
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Check and see if your idler and pitman arms are shot. Jack the truck up, wobble the tire and watch to see if the centerlink moves around without the pitman arm moving. That will make it feel like crap on snow and ice. Mine felt fine cranked up until they wore out, now it pulls all over on icy roads. Gonna replace them, and probably look at getting the braces from cognito so they won't wear out so fast.
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