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Cracked front window

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I have a 2005 topkick pickup that i purchased in aug 05, so according to the warranty info my truck is still under the 2 year bumper to bumper unlimited mile warranty, right, well i took my truck to my local dealer because of a cracked front window that shows absolutely no signs of it being from a chip, which the service guy agreed, but said he would have to check with thier service rep. a couple days later i get a call from the dealer saying the dealer rep denied it. how can he do this? he didnt even look at it. 2 year unlimited mile bumper to bumper warranty. anybody have any ideas on what i can do?
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He said front window. I assume he meant front side window, not windshield. Comp only does windshields IIRC.
There should be no deductible in windshield repair or replacement.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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