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Coolant leaking from Radiator Trans Connection

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LBZ 3500. Just replaced the trans lines with an aftermarket kit. The kit uses the dual o-ring washer system, o-ring-washer-o-ring, for the trans cooler line fitting connection to the radiator. After I finished the install I noticed coolant leaking from this top fitting. The fitting was loose. I tightened the fitting up and the coolant leak stopped.

How is the trans cooler built into the radiator sealed to the plastic end cap at this fitting? Did I damage this trans cooler/radiator seal at the fitting or is the seal between the internal trans cooler also taken care of with the external fitting I installed?

I don't want to get coolant into the trans I just flushed, nor do I was a blowout of the coolant. Is it time for a new radiator?

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Thinking about this more, maybe the internal trans cooler is pulled into the radiator plastic buy the external fitting and washer. An o-ring or some kind of gasket on the internal trans cooler just needed to be pulled tight by the fitting. Maybe why the large washer is there, to help support the plastic of the radiator and this internal seal. Any quick help would be much appreciated. I would love to get this all back together.

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