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Went to move the truck over to get the Honda Odyssey out yesterday & noticed water was dripping on my right leg :wtf: . First I thought that the sun roof was leaking from the rain we are having here in Nor Cal. & cold nights we have been having. Great what a POS I was thinking Censored . But there was no signs of water on anything that I can see :confused: . My best guess is that condensation bulid up was happening with the sun shade close? When I pulled the shade back the it had looked like the glass was dipped in water, DROPS of water hanging on the glass :eek: . After wipping the roof of yesterday, got to drive it today & noticed that water was coming out of both buttons for the spot lights. Is this more than condensation bulid up now? This truck sits more than anything out side, July 05 with 1100 miles. Calling GM monday morning. Going to leave the sun shade open to see if it helps if its condensation.
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