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Collapsed radiator hose

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So today I have a long time customer show up with an 06 LLY Chevy dually, bone stock with a motorcycle lift in the bed,with a three wheeled Gold Wing 1800 on it. After seeing my new truck he had to drive it. Needless to say he was smiling ear to ear before, during, and after driving. He was wondering why mine didn't squeak when shutting down, and after showing him my new clutched alternator we opened his hood and WOW!! His upper Radiator hose was totally flat!! I slowly took off the cap from the resorvoir and nothing happened. The truck had been sitting there for about 45 mins. WTF.. He said he has had it in for this before. Any ideas? I sure hope I put this in the right place as I think the Moderators are gonna start charging me for their services...lol
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This happened to me before, took it to the dealer, and they said it happens and dont worry about it. So, i was like "WTF?" but it never happened again? so i dunno!? Sorry im no help!
I repaced the cap on the resevor on my 04 and the problem went away.You can get um at Autozone.
Jack Wilson;1565943; said:
I repaced the cap on the resevor on my 04 and the problem went away.You can get um at Autozone.
I should add the truck has 11000 miles on it.
If the dealer will agree that it is a warrany issue, the reservoir cap should be covered. If not, it is a $12 part at Autozone.

Slightly overfilling the coolant reservoir sometimes helps, if you don't want to mess with the coolant cap.
My 2004.5 LLY Gmc had this happen also. replaced the cap on the reservoir and hasn't happened since.
Happened to me on my 03. I was like WHAT?
I told the dealer to replace the cap or I would. They did. Never happened again
all the trucks in the shop do that after setting!
I've seen alot of vehicles do this, as the coolant cools it contracts and forms a slight vaccum in the upper rad hose causing it to collapse. Not a problem at all, once the engine is started and the t-stat opens it will return to normal shape.
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