For Sale
since i dont own my Chev M1028 from 1985 i wanna sell all my collected parts.
I bought the truck in 2007 in germany. The truck came over from a navy base in italy.
In 2017 i brought the truck over with me to ontario canada. In 2018 i sold the truck. But i still have
quite a bit of parts. Engine gaskets, Batterie holders, Dieselinjectionpumps to overhaul, Starterts to overhaul,
Alternator parts, Shakles, Airfilterboxes, Hydroboosterparts, Injectors ect. Too much to write in here.
If someone is interested in everything i would like to sell it in package. I have lots of pictures so you can get an idea whats there. Send me your email and i link you with my google drive so you can have a look. I have an good idea of what those parts are worth and it would be nice if someone like me would get them. Somebody who appreciates old stuff and restores it nice. Just let me know. Thanks