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I have an 07 2500HD
Have had a charging issue for several years. Been doing mechanic work most of my life, but can't get to the solution.
Dealership changed computer then they burned out my alternator so I replaced it.
Mostly colder weather affects it. Start up, battery never starts charging. Not the alternator, not the once a year set of batteries I've replaced the last three four years, obviously not the computer.

What I do know
Turn key on, glow plugs time out, start truck.
Once truck is running, if cooler temps, grid heater comes on to meet EPA emissions. While 75amp draw of grid heater, computer won't allow alternator to charge due to excessive draw. Once that times out, grid heater goes off, alternator starts charging.

Now here's the problem.
Randomly, sometimes more often, alternator never starts charging and batteries drop to 10 volts and system failure begins.
There is something NOT allowing the alternator to start charging. Could it be an emissions issue? I've been told possibility of glow plug module. It is not a short or bad ground. It will also occasionally do it in 80° weather.
I do now have two glow plugs that are needing replaced. Truck has 280k miles, been a problem since 120k miles.

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