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That would be fine....I do not know how to post pics on this site but if you send me a PM on the diesel site I can get it done there. Are you going to peak and tune your radio or is it already a bigdog? If on the the other hand....it you are going to keep it 4Watts then I would almost think you would not have any problems. But, like I said the pics will be my pleasure to help you out.

Got to love the Diesels!!!


Uniden PC78LTW...peaked and turned with a CONEX board

I will send you a PM for the pics.

My Midland 79-290 showed up on Friday and stopped at a shop and got a cable and antenna. The tech tested it and said it had been modified (read improved - but I won't write how!!
) It seems to work fine. I am going back to the shop this eve to get the antenna 'tuned'. It already seems to work fine. I need to do some testing related to the engine temp but so far I have not noticed a problem. Maybe I am not checking it right??


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