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Cat Filter Source

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Does anyone have an internet site with which to purchase the CAT filters? Thanks.
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I did a search and found a dealer in Oregon who sells cat parts online, including filters. unfortunately i found the same price locally (they matched the internet site) so i didn't end up purchasing from them. do a good search for the part # and i think you will find it. i'm sure you could contact a regular CAT dealer and they would probably ship to you. I would refer you to Brian at Holt of CA. he's my parts guy and treats me great. Tell him I sent you. i'm the guy that buys all the filter parts :) Brian - Parts(916) 991-8229.

if they can't help you i do sell extra filters on my site at well. www.nicktane.com.

Hope this helps

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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