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Cat back or Turbo back on 07' LBZ

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Hello All! I am a new Chevy owner. Just traded my 05' Ford F350 Powerstroke for a 07' 2500HD CC 4x4 Dmax...loaded with every option.

I have been die hard Ford for many years, but this was just a logical choice. First impressions I can tell you that the Dmax is quiter, smoother, more powerful, warms up quicker, and has many, many more features for the money than Ford. I don't like the IFS front suspension, would rather have a solid front axle, and don't like the little tires! Otherwise, nice truck.

On to my question. Going to do exhuast first, no tuner. I wondered which MBRP system I should get, the turbo back or cat back? I had heard that a exhaust would cause error codes on the 07? Please provide me with first hand experience and suggestions.

Thank you all.
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Mark Craig;1569179; said:

On folks with 2004.5+ trucks we always reccomend that you start with a cat back system and see if it gets you the EGT drop and turbo spool up increase you need, if so stop there as you won't have to add fingersticks and block off plates etc. If you need more then add the front pipe and if you are lucky you might not get a CEL light anyway!! Plus if you get a cat back vs an Off Road System you can bolt the cat back in at any time to help keep the dealers happy warranty wise. Plus the cats on new trucks actually flow pretty good as compared to a few years ago!
:exactly: The slight improvement you get without the cat is not worth the headache you get from the dealer. You have a brand new truck, stuff happens. You will be very satisfied with a four inch system. Check out our Silverline systems before you make your decision. You will be glad you did.;)

underPSI;1573359; said:
You don't happen to know the cost of a 304 system, do ya?
rydnhi4x4;1573541; said:
try some of venders here on this site, they usually have the best prices you can find.
Here is the link to my exhaust page. http://www.hdiesel.com/product.asp?id=15

The other vendors that posted have links in their signatures also. The vendors who take the time to answer your questions here are all good people.

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