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Can someone out dyno Nasty Girl?

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How about this.....to settle any disputes, send the strongest 3 or 4 streetable dailey driven trucks down and we will have a shoot out! We will use the same dyno with the same set up and give everyone a fair shot at putting up the #'s. But; by doing this, you are giving Keith and his crew a chance to serve up a can of ......STFU!!!!!!:D I will need to confirm the plan with Danville Performance but I'm sure we can accomadate that.

We could do it two ways, we could load the trucks as we have been or we can probably hold them like the SuperFlow dyno does. I would need to get a plan together will Larry and Mark at Danville Performance but I think it clear up any questions on #'s or BS. I'm sure Dyno Jet would get involved and help validate the runs? What do you guys think?

If you have a valid reason why this can't be done then so be it...but.....if the excuses are lame, then the can of....STFU!....has already been served!;)

I don't think the driving distance would be valid since Keith would be driving 1900 miles!
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Congrats Keith!!! it was great to see the truck up and running strong!!!

Events like this are really worth the trip. Finally got to meet some more of the DP members and get to put some faces to DP handles and avatars :).

Racehemi is absolutely a riot!! I originally thought he was DmaxTim, kinda looks the same from the pictures I've seen here, but the guy was great to talk with.

Ratlover, I was relieved to see him wearing mens clothing and not womens underware!! :D Just as much fun to BS with in person as he is on the forums or the phone!! We all had a pretty good time at the bar in North Salem!! :cool: (Thanks Ric & Shannon!!)

I got to hang out with a ton of DP members: Slick, MarkBoviak, NastyGirl, Trippin, GMC_2002_Dmax (Tony the tuner), Moss, NLDP, Howling, Kyle03D, OSUDuramax, Racehemi and many more that I'm forgeting and each one was a blast to talk with and hang out with! I'll have to post some pictures of the whole gang on Sunday.

Once again, congrats to Keith and Nasty Girl for a great show!!
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