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Just got the firestone airbags installed today. will be interesting to see how it affects the truck when towing the trailer. Honestly, driving my trailer home for the first time yesterday made me think that I really may not need them, but went ahead with the install on the advice from this forum.
Driving home was easy and pleasant. Pulled really well, very little movement ( I assume that's what "chucking" is) between the trailer and the truck. A little bit every once in a while when starting and stopping in traffic or when flying over a pavement changes like at a bridge, but handled great.
The weight of the pin only pushed my trucks butt down to about level. (rear end is normally slightly elevated).
The Anderson Hitch seemed to do a really good job (the opinion of someone who has never pulled a fifth wheel before.)
Even drove it home (45 miles maybe?) in heavy rush hour traffic much of the way..
Everything seemed to work great. And the family loves the camper. kids won't get out of it. :)

thanks again everyone.
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