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Compliments of "Mr. Losi" aka Matt Miller...

here are the directions to convert an 02 truck with heated power mirrors to the new 06 style camper mirrors.

the mirrors will be fully functional, heat, power and directional. (the directional will need to be wired)

i took off my stock mirrors and cut the plug and a couple inches of wire.

i also cut the lig off the 06 mirrors.

i then soldered the 02 plug on the 06 mirror.

you could hard wire the mirror to the truck, but i figured i would rather butcher the mirror than the truck...

so here is the way the wires hook up,

drivers side

02 truck plug 02 mirror plug 06 mirror
orange orange Black
Yellow(double wire) yellow (single wire) white
green green orange
Black black black
Baby blue baby blue Grey

Note: on the double wires i left one just hang, i did not hook both back up, and it did not matter which you left off.

the blue and tan wires are for the directional. more on this later

the black wires on the 06 mirror are for the defrost

Passenger side

same basic principle, different colors on the truck

02 truck plug 02 mirror plug 06 mirror
black Black Black
Red\white red\white grey\black
purple purple orange w\black
yellow yellow (double wire) white
orange orange black

again, the blue and tan wires on the 06 mirror are for the directional.

the black wires on the 06 mirror are for the heat.

now, that will get you going with the mirrors.

what I did to get the directionals working was this
I wanted them on seperate plugs, so I went to my local radio control hobby shop and bought a 6" servo extention, mine had 3 wires (i only used 2)they are 4 to 5 bucks. I then spliced a few feet of other wire to get through the door and into the cab,this was harder than i thought as i had to take the door cover off and a bunch of the dash apart to access the wires i wanted to use. there may be an easyer way to do this, but that is what i did.

I then found the wires on the steering colum that had the directional and spliced them in. i think they were yellow and green

The only issue with what i did is my mirror lights are brake lights also, the directional works also. at first this bugged me, but now it does not and i think it is a nice safety feature.

so ther you have it, it took me hours to figure al that out, i hope i saved you some time. and it all works....

Matt Miller

btw, i cant figure out how to save this and get it into the the regular forums, if one of you guys can help that would be great
2002 chevy crew cab LT LB7\allison
BD Ez Amp
autometer temp and boost gauges
true flow foam air cleaner
06 camper mirrors(fully functional)

87000 miles
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