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The Calender of Events is still in the planning stages, but heres what we have so far. PM Dmax Tim with your info and ideas. Thanks!

Event Date/Dates; February 23, 2008 7am - 6pm

Event Name; Crude Drags 2, Chevy, Ford, Dodge

Event Type; Drags, Dyno (Saying that because they will be awarding for top HP/TQ numbers)

Event Contact Info; 661-399-5351

Event Location;
AUTO CLUB Famoso Raceway
Bakersfield, CA
RR 1 Box 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308
(661) 399-5351

Link to thread discussing it; http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/sho...ghlight=famoso & http://www.dieselworldmag.com/content/view/104/36/

Entry Fees:
$40 Entry fee on site
$35 pre-register
$10 Spectator

Rules: Classification will be determined by powerplant, i.e. Cummins powered vehicles will be "Dodge". All Vehicles must be Street Legal! Plates, valid registration and proof of insurance are a must.

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CalSpeed & Performance grand opening Jan 19th. This is actually my one year anniversary of my business but we are doing our new shop locations grand opening Jan 19th, 2008. We intend to become LS1tech sponsors as well by that date! Looking forward to it.

To sign up you can mail payment to: ($100 full day, $50 partial day)
CalSpeed & Performance
8534 Golden State Hwy, Bakersfield, CA, 93308.


Paypal [email protected] ($103 full day, $52 partial day)
Any questions? Email: [email protected]

As part of our grand opening we have rented Famoso dragstrip the following day Jan 20th (Sunday) and are putting on a private track test day from 9am-5pm.

I am putting on a BBQ, free dyno pull for cars registered for the Famoso rental, come by and have some food/drinks at my shop @ 8534 Golden State Hwy, Bakersfield, CA, 93308.

Bring down your ride and we are doing photos at the shop and hoping to have a great get together. Everyone is welcome to attend.


This is going to be a no-corners cut - FULL track prep, track crew staffed.
This is intended mainly for street/street-race type vehicles. All domestic / no imports. We would prefer most vehicles to be on a slick/dot or drag radial for keeping track conditions the best possible.

ALL Registration is PRE-REGISTERED / PREPAID entries. We will not be accepting payments at the gate. All racers will be on a list with a confirmation # from 1-100 and will have to show ID at the gate.

All entrants will receive a CalSpeed & Performance T-shirt (Submit size with payment), Decals and shop flyer at the gate as well!

This event is limited to 100 total cars - 75 full day and 25 half day.

Full Day 9am - 5pm $100
Partial Day 1:30PM - 5pm $50

All entries & spectators get a free meal ticket for a soda/burger and chips!

All spectators are only $5. The free meal ticket is worth that alone, so its like getting in free!

From my experience of these type of events, some cars hot lapping have the potential to get 30+ passes if so desired. Most wait times are 15 minutes or less per pass and no long staging lanes.

If you wish to pay by mail or in person. Please email the shop @ [email protected]. Total will be $100 or $50 for partial day

If you wish to register by paypal please send paypal payment of $103 (Full Day) or $52 (Partial day) to [email protected]

If you want to mail payment, send to CalSpeed & Performance

You do not need to confirm or contact me to register. Sending your payment will get you on the list and I will send confirmation to your email with your entrant number (1 through 100).

With your payment please give your full contact info of your NAME / MAKE&MODEL VEHICLE AND PHONE NUMBER.


****NOTE**** With this being the winter season. If the event is rained out or cancelled due to weather conditions, there is a 15% non-refundable fee that Famoso Raceway collects to cover their personnel, ambulance & safety crew costs for the event. If the event is *PRE* cancelled due to weather (showing the forecast to guarantee a rainout etc..) then the event is going to be *MOVED* to Sun Jan 27th with no fees or problems. There are no refunds or cancellations on any prepayments. Any driver may pre-substitute or sell their registered spot to another racer if they cannot attend or have other reasons. To do this, please email me and I will change the name for the new entrant.

Any questions PM me!
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