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1997 Grumman Olson 12 ft step van, NA 6.5 diesel (RPO L57), 4L80E transmission
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The manual be useful, but doesn't help you troubleshoot.

What you seek is where the dome light circuit is in physical proximity to the left turn signal switched 12 volts. Whatever happened to join these two circuits had to happen where they are close to each other.

A couple possible causes for the unwanted current are: mechanical damage to wiring, or corrosion at some point with a lot of circuits, such as a wiring harness or the fuse block. Another possible cause is modifications gone wrong.

I try to consider the whole system, and after physical inspection, form an idea of the most likely cause of the fault to choose where to begin troubleshooting. You have a tricky problem here, because you may have to isolate sections of circuitry to find the fault. Locating an intermittent bridge is no small task, and will require close attention to detail to solve it.

Opening wire looms to chase wires. Not so fun.
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