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Without a tune. Doing any upgrades to the turbo, intake, boost are really not worth it.. A tune will bring all the mods together to work as a balanced unit.
Without a tune all you are getting is more air without fuel. You cant make power that way. The stock tune is weak in the fueling department. You are also limited on boost.
On a stock tune. The WW impeller should make the turbo spool faster. Building power sooner. But you really wont make much higher HP/Torque over stock. But it will come on sooner in the RPM band.
IMO the best place to start is 4" exhaust, also get the 2.5" crossover. My preference for muffler is Areo Exhaust. Good exhaust will wake up your 6.5.
Without a tune. I would not bother with air intake mods. The stock K47 intake on your truck is about the best made for the 6.5. But if you do want to get rid of it for aftermarket. You will find plenty of eager buyers here.
By moding the intake for more air.( Plentium,turbo,ect) You are just spending money for little results with a stock tune.
If you dont want to get a tune. Then spend money on making the engine dependable. With things like a Fluid Damper, Braided steel oil cooler lines and other mods that fix the common catastrophic problems in the 6.5 You will need them.
With 190K miles, If the injectors have not been replaced. There is another issue. They are at the end of their life cycle.
Also Glow plugs.
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