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Last week Dealer added overdrive lock out. Part of the TCM update corrects harsh 2-1 downshift. Last night plowing up date worked good untill I got stuck in a guttter.
Had to rock the truck, D-R,D-R. Once it was free, SES came on. Had harsh shifts anytime I changed from Drive to Reverse. Turned off truck and started, harsh shifting was gone.
Finished plowing, still SES, ran good, but shifting wasn't the same. Took into dealer this AM and the training fluid looks like my engine oil. SES code falted soilinoid, TAC said pull it and look at the insides and rebuild. It only has 26k, use the truck to plow and tow 12k 5ther. Run the OJ in level 2, full time. The only time it gets abuse is when she gets stuck in the gutters back blading and I need to lay into her and get the truck moving. This happens 3-4 times a season. What's up???

Anyone else, what are you guys doing when your 4x4 in the hills, Killing the alli like I did?????
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