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He calls me, truck is stalling...
I have him do the normal stuff. He finds shiny stuff in the filter.
He changes it for one out of another truck...
He has air in the cler hose feeding the ip...
I tell him to track it all down.
He pulls the tank, finds the float fell off the pickup, which explains why ha has no fuel gauge...
Also he finds the plastic bowl in the tank is dislodged and blocking the pickup.
He fixed that and changed the tank hoses, and the steel line to the lift pump... new o-rings...
No change.

I tell him to get new filter and he goes to work, but the truck barely will pull out of a wet bag.

I meet him for lunch and look over the truck.
It is bubbles strong... I dont aee where it could come from, so I test the lift pump, even though he said it was working.

I pull out a bottle, and open the drain fitting
Pump is working, but barely a trickle. I show him my truck flow... garden hose.

We swap in a new pump from my stock, and install a new DELCO fuel filter. Truck no longer has bubbles, and it pulls strong like bull.


Test everything, change what is bad...
Use new parts.

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In addition:
Test after new part(s) is(are) installed.
Well, may be one part at a time.
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