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As many of you can see I am new here but I attend the University of South Florida (Tampa) and the school runs full bio diesel in their buses and trucks. I am going to make an appointment to see the head of Vehicle Director and ask some questions about this stuff. They run it in 6.5L turbo diesels, power strokes, cat/cummins and my fav. DURAMAXs. So, shoot me some questions I am going to try and meet with him this comming tuesday.


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Cool! I've been running bio in a mechanically injected 6.5 turbo with no problems for about 4500 miles, starting this spring. Fuel mileage is down around 10%, exhaust smells better. I've been looking to get fleet / professional experience info.
Questions for your fleet manager:

- How long have they been running biodiesel? How many miles on the GM diesels in particular?

- Any effect on injectors, such as coking?

- On the older trucks, have they had to replace any lines, fittings or fuel system components that turned out to be rubber? I assume that the newer trucks have all synthetics such as Viton.

- Does fuel mileage suffer?

- How is it running in Duramaxes? I've had someone interested, but not willing to risk it in an expensive truck that his living depends on.

- Have they had any fuel system warranty issues on the new trucks? What have manufacturers or dealers done?

Thanks for checking this out. It'd be great to get input from the actual mechanics who work on these trucks.
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