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Bigger Injector Nozzles Coming Soon

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Soon we will have available new injector nozzles. These are being custom made in Italy and will be available in stock and 20% over. The factory uses state of the art machines and every nozzle is inspected for quality. Once I figure out how to post pics I will put some up. My partner was over in Italy last month to tour the factory.

More to come.

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You can upload pics directly into your post. Use the second icon from the right, above the text window, The one with the arrow

It will prompt you to browse your own computer. Select the file and upload it. Pick both prompts, one after the other. No need to wait like it says.

Another awsome feature of this site! You don't have to host your own pics if you don't want to!
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I would think the cost to gain on these injectors... until they can be changed easily... would be way to much for the small gain..... when you can put in a box, or stack.......

Two boxes and a tranny job...... 4000-6000.... then injectors.....anouther 2-4000.....

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These nozzles will be less than a 1K. The nice thing about injectors is it gives you go smoooooth power from bottom to top.

Keep us posted....

This could be the next big thing to solve high cost injector replacement when neccessary out of warranty.

Thanks for putting up the info Greg.Edited by: hoot
I would love to have them but it would be the install cost that would lead me away from them........ Any info on that price........
Somebody correct me if I am wrong here (probably am), but the nozzle is only a part of the overall injector assembly. The nozzle itself can become dirty or worn and the result would be a spray pattern that is not optimal. Maybe poorer mileage or performance. Maybe you want to flow more fuel so you change the nozzle for higher performance.

However, I am not sure if that would result in an injector failure. There must be an electro/mechanical part that acts as a valve to enable the fuel to flow into the nozzle. I was under the impression that this is were the high wear parts are at. Either was not openning completely or partially stuck open.

So if we put new nozzles on an old injector assembly, we still potentially have a worn injector?

We really need to understand the components of the injectors and what the modes of failure are. I think during the early introduction of the DMAX (2000 timeframe) there were some exploded views of the injectors. Should have saved this information.
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I have a set of Dmax injectors here but it would be tuff to get the whole picture of how they work. What I have been told by a few techs is that its not the electical end failing its the mechanical end (nozzle) When the nozzle wears it will allow fuel fuel to return to the tank. If the nozzle is worn it can hang up causing power idle, lot of smoke etc. I am sure their are cases of the eletrical end going out but you just don't hear about that much. With new nozzle all you need to do is pull the injector take the nut off a pull the old and replace it with new. Now you have a very inexpensive repair compared to having to buy new. For the do it your selfer its great. We have been doing nozzles on the VW TDI for about a year now and it has been great. The quality of these nozzles are unbeleivable. They way they are made is so the fuel will spray out in a cone shape instead of a stream. Now you have better combustion which makes for more power. We have a few sets that should be here in the US for testing within the next month. I don't expect to have any for sale till the first of the year.

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Here is some info on the injector...

My browser allows me to zoom on it. Right click if you use IE. Be sure your "Fit to Window" is off.

InjectorEdited by: hoot
ISurvivedNMU said:
I would love to have them but it would be the install cost that would lead me away from them........ Any info on that price........

Figure about a grand for install.. and a days time


Good article for everyone to read. I either read the article you posted or something very similar. I remember a detailed discussion on how the whole injection system worked, since it was one of the first high pressure common rail systems for use by the general auto buying public in the US. Now we are getting somewhere.

So we have heard that the needle seat was hardened (correct words?) sometime in mid-2002 production. So is it the consensus then that the part that is wearing is at the very bottom of the injector that is shown in Hoot's link? And that this part would be replaceable with the nozzles that Greg has? What about the actual needle itself?

The nozzle is the part everyone was worried about when the double filter topic started but the valve and seat are just as important. The nozzle will probable wear first because the velocity will be very high but that will just screw up the pattern. We still need a readily available inexpensive new or rebuilt complete injector. We need to know what the problems have been with the injectors that have been replaced. If they are sticking open filling the crankcase, that is not a nozzle problem. We need someone to get this information for us "Eric". Later! Frank
The nozzle includes the needle. These two parts are machined together and the needle is lapped to the nozzle. I for one do not beleive the soft seat thing. Bosch has been makes injector nozzles for a long time so I would think that they would know what they are doing. My guess we be that a bunch got passed QA. The Dmax is not the first high pressure system they have delt with.

As for cheap rebuilds our nozzles will make it very reasonable. Not sure if Bosch has authorised any of its shops to work on the Dmax injector or not. If I remember I will ask my Bosch shop the next time I am in there.

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This sounds like a good alternative Greg. It will be interesting how things work out. It will take another year or two before the 5 year / 100k mile warranty limit is reached on most of these early engines. I would think at that time we will see an increase in interest in the product.

May be a stupid question, but how will a 20% larger injector nozzle effect performance/fuel economy? What's the good/bad?
May be a stupid question, but how will a 20% larger injector nozzle effect performance/fuel economy? What's the good/bad?

With 20% over you can still have economy if you don't flog it all the time. A go thing about larger nozzles is you get more fuel in the same stock injection window. Hence you get more time to burn the fuel which will make more power.

The thing I have seen with nozzle replacement is torque. You will HP increase as well but injectors can really give you more torque.

Need turbo too !!!!

Fuel and air go hand and mouth .... Not that I would luv the smoke ...

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You will get a little increase in smoke. But with added fuel the boost will also go up a bite.

to go faster I need more smoke so I can run more nitrous
We have a shippment of nozzles coming in on Friday. Not sure what we have in it for the Duramax but their should be something, stock or oversize.

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