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Just spent quite a bit of time reading about tires here and looks like I'm going to go with the BFG A/T 285 75 16's. My question is do I need to do any suspension Mods gonig to a bigger tire and what psi are you guys runing in these tires?
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the 285 really needs to be on an 8 inch wheel. You are really sucking in the beads by putting it on a stock wheel. That changes the flex area of the tire and pulls the shoulders of the tire up, so you don't get the foot print that you should with that tire. Also, it puts a lot more wear on the center of the tread, because the tread is not laying flat on the pavement.

Everyone has a different opinion of what looks good. I personnally don't like that sucked in look, I think the 285 looks much better on a wider wheel.

One other thing to consider, is that you are putting a lot more stress on the bead area of that tire, and if you are towing heavy, you could break a bead before you get the tire worn out.

Cranking the torsion bars up will make it ride rougher as well.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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