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Best performance injectors

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I am looking for performance injectors for my deleted and EFI Live Idaho Rob tuned LMM. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I called Lincoln and talked to the rep. He mentioned the fact that I may need additional tuning with 30% or 45% over stock injectors. He recommended, since Idaho Rob is out of business, I should contact Gorilla Diesel Performance so I did. They said they could not help me because they couldn’t do any tuning for deleted trucks. My question is, if I go with the over stock injectors, will I definitely need additional tuning and how do I do that without the autocal?
I finally bit the bullet and got new 30 over injectors and installed them hoping to get rid of the Poo87 low rail pressure. It runs stronger but still trips the CEL when towing. I then bypassed the fuel filter housing (I have an Airdog) to see if I may have an obstruction using new rubber fuel hose. The factory hoses were in bad shape and soft. This really seemed to make a huge difference. I was certain that the problem was solved but again, when I pulled my camper, I tripped the code. Thinking now it may be the CP3 pump. Any information on how to diagnose the pump would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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