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Truck is a 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD L5P. Owner, me, new to this generation of diesel trucks and I have a question about the Banks iDash and the Edge CTS3.

I tow a 30' toyhauler camper with this truck and would like to be able to monitor more info than just what the gauges on the dash provide. For instance, what gear is the truck in, along with other temps, pressures, etc. At this time, I am not looking to use either one to enhance performance. The reason why is I have an extended warranty and I fear, rightly or wrongly, that heaven forbid something go wrong, my dealer or warranty company would find out and not honor the warranty. Down the road, I may entertain the idea of some kind of add-on performance enhancement: Pedal Monster, Derringer, Pulsar, etc.

I have watched numerous videos on these two devices and I like the fact they are OBDII plug-in. I assume that the dealer cannot tell one of these devices are being used as long as it is unplugged and out of sight when brought in for service?

I am not interested in "deleting" my truck. I am interested in any info anyone may share about these two devices or others that may be better. Thanks in advance.

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