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2007 Chevrolet 3500 Silverado Classic LWB crew cab,dually, Kennedy dual pumps, , Donaldson filters
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Hello All

Just finished complete brake job on the dually. Seems lots of guys having trouble removing the front spacer hub from the studs to remove the front rotors.. The most used tool is the BFH, from what I have seen.

I would offer a different approach, have not seen this posted anywhere before, so if it has been, don't through me under the bus.

My suggestion,
1. Loosen all 8 nuts with 21 mm socket thru the holes in the hub.
2. Remove 4 of the nuts.
3. Leave. 4 nuts spaced evenly around the hub.
4. Turn the 21 mm socket around, place the nut end of the socket against the hub.
With a 21 mm wrench move the nut out toward the socket and use it as a pressing tool.
5. Move the socket 180 deg, repeat step 4,
6. If necessary repeat the process on the last two nuts.

I have found usually it only requires several partial turns with the wrench, and the hub is loose.
Save the BFH for venting frustration. A light coat of anti seize on the inside of the hub during reassembly, will assure the hub comes off easier the next time. (y)

Maybe this will help someone.



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