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Autotap OBDII tool

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I have done a search here and only found a couple of very minor references to the Autotap OBDII tool...

Does anyone out there have any experience, good or bad with it? Will it show injector balance rates? Thinking of buying one and want to know what others think of it.


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I have one but haven't used it much. I'm not sure if it will do balance rates. The Autotap support people were pretty responsive to me with my pre-purchase questions. My only complaint, so far, is that the PC must be connected to the OBDII port for the software to be usable. That means that you must be sitting in the truck to set up the various screen configurations that you desire. Not very convenient.
I was considering the Auto Tap till it was descovered that it only checks balance rate on 4 cylinders ....

Last I checked =>
Engine Coolant Temp
Engine Oil Life Remaining
Engine Run Time
Fuel Temperature
Injector Pulse Width #1
Injector Pulse Width #2
Injector Pulse Width #3
Injector Pulse Width #4
Intake Air Temperature
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)
Mass Air Flow Rate
Calculated Engine Load
2-3 Solenoid Circuit Status
Barometric Pressure
Calculated A/C Load
Crank Ref Missed (Diesel) TDC Offset
Desired Idle Speed
EGR Duty Cycle
Engine Speed
Fail Counter
Fuel Level
Fuel Level Sensor
Fuel Level Sensor Right Tank
Fuel System Status Bank 1
Fuel Tank Level remaining
Glow Plug Voltage
Ignition Voltage
Injection Pump CAM Ref Missed
Mileage Since Last Code Clear
Mileage Since Last Fail
Start Up Engine Coolant Temp
TDC Offset
Throttle Position #2 or Applied Pedal Position
Throttle Position #3 or Applied Pedal Position
Throttle Position Sensor Normalized in Degrees
Throttle Position Sensor Normalized in Percent
Throttle Position Voltage
Turbo Boost Pressure
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Theft Deterrent Timer
Warm up cycles without a non-emission fault
Warmup cycles without an emission fault
Auxiliary Input status
Comprehensive Component Monitoring Status
Fuel Pump Relay Circuit History Status
Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Status
Fuel Tank Rated capacity
Mileage Since First Fail
No Results Counter
ODB Requirements
Pass Counter
Starter Enable relay Circuit Status
Vehicle Theft Deterrent Auto Learn Counter
Vehicle Theft Deterrent Seed and Key timer

Mac Edited by: Mackin
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I called B&B Electronics today (the manufacturer of Autotap) and talked to them about this. They said that Autotap scans the computer and should report on any parameter that the computer is tracking. They said that what is on their web site (what I believe Mackin is quoting) is kinda a "random collection of things" to give the customer an idea of the kind of things reported.

So, Ragtop
...the next time you have Autotap out (or anyone else out there), could you confirm this.

BTW, they did say that they have a 30 day return policy, so if I didn't like it for any reason, they would take it back no questions asked.

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I'll hook it back up ASAP and see what I see.

Cool! Thanks so much.

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I apologize. We have been packing to move and the Auto-Tap cable/module has been boxed and hiding. I do remember that there were only 4 injector pulse widths like Hoot stated earlier. I do have the software on my laptop but without the cable/module it is useless. Can't even browse through or set up different config screens for different test. The few things that I did with it (checked throttle position range) worked great.


I have the Autotap also. Mine dosen't work anymore, recently discovered my cig lighter dosen't work either. IIRC that is a common fuse for the diagnostic port. If so I'll fix it this weekend and try it. I don't think it will tell you balance rates though unless you can do the math from pulse widths
Don't have a clue why/if the cig lighter fuse is blown I've never used it.
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