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I spent the last hour educating myself on wheel backspacing & offset. My truck currently has the stock 17x7.5 PYO's

I have a set of 285/70/17's michelin LTX's on the shelf and I'm leaning towards throwing them on a set of new rims. I like the look of the AR ATX Thug's and many people post how easy they are to keep clean. Plus, I think they'll look good on a black truck.

The best wheel I could find is a 17"x8.5" with 5.35" of BS and 15mm+ offset. I did some math comparing the stock setup with the Thug/Michelin and the tire will not only be .5" larger (radius) but also stick out 1" more past the centerline of the wheel.

Is this a bad wheel choice? Will they rub terribly? I keep hearing of guys mounting 17x9 with 0 offset and minimal rubbing. Isn't a narrow wheel better for fitment issues?
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