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Well. Installed the upgraded Juice with Attitude this past weekend. Ten-day turnaround on the upgrade pretty impressive. Just one small problem, the display would not come up. Seems to be working, though. Can change power levels and confirm with the P-R-N-R-P thing. Talked with Brett over at Edge. Talked me through some things to try. No go. Just happened to notice a hairline crack in the LCD display when held in the sunlight just right. Ah hah!

My package looked like something the NFL was using to practice field goals with. @#$%&* UPS! Brett's got a new one on its way.

Like others have noted, seat of the pants says something is different. Doesn't seem to "kick in" the way 4.61 did during warm up. Also, Level 2 just does not seem as snappy? Wish I had both for an A/B compare....... or maybe I should just wait until the new display shows up. Who knows what I've set in there with a dead display LOL
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