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First time post from a non-GM truck owner.

I am going to look at a 2007.5 Silverado tomorrow. It is a few hundred miles away, so I hope to make a go/no go decision during my inspection. I have been going through the maintenance records sent by the owner, and bulk of it looks routine. It also appears to have been carefully maintained. One item that has me concerned it the frequency of tire replacements. The service records indicate replacement of all 6 tires at 100,000 miles and then again at 130,000 miles and a subsequent replacement at 145,000 miles. Along with these tire replacements I see at least one record of an alignment (122,000 miles), and a ridiculous tire rotation interval. When I look at the truck, it will have 160,000 miles on it.

I've done some online research and found numerous issues with people struggling though tire cupping issues on these trucks. What concerns me it that every post that I have read through ends without resolution. I've seen a comment that duallys just go through tires...I'm not buying that. Shocks come up frequently, but rarely seem to fix the issue. Complete/partial front end rebuilds also seem to yield little in the way of results.t

If I see evidence of tire cupping or other uneven wear, should I expect to endure with this in perpetuity, should I decide to purchase the vehicle? I'd have no problem rebuilding the front end if I expected to have a 50% chance that it would alleviate a tire cupping issue. Is it reason enough to pass on the vehicle?

By way of background, I live in a rural area, 150 miles from a tire shop, so there is a cost issue but also a huge inconvenience issues from getting alignments and replacement tires.

The truck in question is a 3500 4wd crew cab dually. It is stock, aside from a set of rear SuperSprings and Hellwig stabilizer bar. The truck appears to have been used exclusively for lugging around a slide-in camper with a 4000# dry weight (give or take). I've read of the campers weighing in at 5000 or even 6000# fully loaded. The truck is part of a truck/camper package deal that is a reasonable, if not screaming deal, so I may not be able to be as selective on the truck as I normally might.

Another factor: I live in a low-population state without any reputable alignment/frame shops that I am aware of. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, but there are certain things that I cannot do in my shop....alignments are one of them.
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