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I purchased my edge juice with attitude in September of 2004 (five months after getting the truck). I had no real problems with the set up until my attitude went out. It was still under warranty and they took care of the problem. My real problem came 2 weeks ago when I was driving and the engine cut off and I coasted to a stop right in front of my house. I went inside and came out a short time later. The truck wont start and my check engine light is on. I disconnect the edge and it starts right up. I turn the truck off and put the edge back on and it started, but the service engine lights stayed on. I took my kid to a birthday party and parked in the lot. Once again it would not start. I took the edge off and it started right up again. A few days later it wouldnt start and I took the edge off and it started. This time my truck was in limp mode and I had to drive a maximum of 50 mph to a local dealer. I took off all the edge products and sensors before going to the dealership. The tech found 7 codes related to low voltage, low fuel pressure, and crank shaft sensor. They checked all of the codes but found nothing wrong with the truck. I knew it was the edge and I was pissed. I had to pay $83 to get my truck out of the dealership for nothing.

After that fiasco I sent my edge in after waiting 15 minutes on hold to get a tech. I explained my situation to the tech and he gave me a Return Merchandise Authority. I sent the juice and and they said they reprogrammed it. I got it back this week and put it back in my truck. For the 10 days it was gone not a single problem with the truck and no SES codes. Less than 5 hours the codes are back and my truck wont start. I take the Edge off and it starts up right away. I called to speak to a tech and im on hold for 10 minutes. He tells me that my box is old (only 2 years) and that they cant upgrade it to correct my issues. He advised that problems seem to surface after some time in boxes like mine. He says I will need an upgrade to correct my issue. Of course the upgrade is $250. Well the problem is Ive spent $800 for my edge/juice and $1000 for the darn A2 which only works with Edge. The A2 has been nothing but a problem as well. Sent in several times for shutting down. If I dont upgade and stay with their product I also lose my GPS. What a scam. Im truly dissapointed in their product. How can a product that cost so much be outdated in a little over 2 years and require me to pay more money. Quality control needs to be an issue with Edge. They need to stand by their product. I dont expect it to last forever, but please make it worth while to buy. If these problems had been announced earlier, I would have gone with the Banks six gun with PDA.

Great customer service comes when a good product has an unexpected flaw not when a faulty item is replaced quickly to quiet people up.
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